Single women & men feel often confused, hurt or lost in the Internet seeking for THE right one to fall in love with.
Couples, who fell out of love, compensate with hobbies, particular men with excessive sports, affairs or intense work.
If they do not distract themselves through action, they fall into an almost paralyzing passiveness and feel bored – blocking each other from their own vitality or growth. They often feel torn in trying to hold it together for the sake of their children.

Partners, who have left the old form of traditional relationship, feel driven to explore modern relationships and seek for a deeper and more truthful quality of love, sexuality and communication.

While we are all seeking new forms of love & quality of intimacy, what we all know for sure, being in a relationship is not about happily ever after.

Love doesn’t just happen – unless you create the space for it.

It is about a growth process, in which love is the glue that brings forward a deeper meaning of being together and understanding of ones’ self and each other.

We inspire couples to step out of the box of old mindsets that no longer serve us for modern relationships and tap into a new matrix of knowledge, from which a new form of a conscious & loving relationship will emerge.

Our Webinars for Couples start in fall 2016.

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