…to empower TeenGirls means to find with them their passion, to find something they love doing and still can do, when everything else seems to fall apart.

It can be a divorce of her parents, her boyfriend leaves her, her best girlfriend loses interest in her since she has met her new boyfriend, she looks in the mirror and feels not beautiful enough, maybe even secretly ashamed of her body or her looks and school simply sucks.

Even if it is just a phase and mostly it is a phase…those phases are part of Life.

As parents, teachers, mentors, friends, female pioneers and role models, it is important for them and for us, to show – by example – a pathway that sustains a young woman.

A hobby, a love for nature, sports, art, performing arts, dancing, singing, music, animals …because this is a foundation she can always come back to, in her worst fears, loneliness or when she is feeling off.

When I was 13 years old, our German teacher read a story to us. The story was about a girl named Tulla, with eyes way too big, her mouth was too big and she was everything but beautiful…since then the boys called me Tulla. Feeling ugly, being a disaster at school, I met a few months later a man, who would change my life. My future ice dance trainer. He did not see my shortcomings, he saw potential and talent. Within a few months I had a dance partner, private lessons before school and fell totally in love with ice dancing, training for competitions. It did not take long that the inner spark had an effect on my looks, my grades, my radiance and it did not take long before boys started to „hunt“ me.

I loved what I was doing and I loved who I became … I cannot remember that I stood in front of the mirror for hours, feeling bored, empty or alone…. I was passionate.

With a few detours, dancing until this day is still my passion…and there are times that I am so tired, I drag myself to the studio. Some days I feel so down, I do not even know how to lift my arm and some days it feels as if I lost my passion for dancing before I go training …but I ALWAYS feel good afterwards. Dancing was and still is my loyal best friend through my divorce, through professional back falls and even through physical, very difficult times…. it enriched my life beyond words.

Beauty is wonderful and one aspect of the whole.
As relevant as it is for others to market their products, as irrelevant it is for us in creating a GOOD FEELING LIFE. If Beauty loses connection to its soul, it then loses its shining spark.
Beauty without a spark feels empty inside and becomes quickly shallow outside. Unless we have not found the Spark inside that makes us feel alive, nothing else can sustain us for long – even not the gift of outer Beauty.


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