As a lead coach of an international well renowned company – and after I had worked for 14 years mainly with Top Managers – I started to only take on women.
I felt women were ready –and exhausted enough – for change towards a more meaningful, quality oriented and purposeful way, not only in their families & relationships, also at work.
But despite my clear statement, a few men still asked me if I could work with them, and thank God I did!
Not only through my male clients, but also through the open dialogue with the managers of my female clients, I observed a vulnerability, a deep and sudden shift happening in men.

Questioning the fast-paced life, valuing their family lives over their career – or if on a career path, looking for purpose and meaning in their leadership roles. I remember a coaching session I had with a well-known CEO in Germany – a strong, charismatic presence. I was deeply moved when he suddenly spoke his truth, his values and his motivation of why he was doing
what he was doing.
Two people had a heart conversation.
I could see a true leader, an authentic man behind a mask that was and is no longer needed.


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