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Hello my Dear Ones,


wellcome to our first Meditation Circles for Couples & Singles, who wish to be in a Relationship again….


This is an invitation for my German speaking friends, who live in or close to Munich.

… and those, who are interested to join us, but are too far away, please drop us a short note and we will bring our circles into your home via Facebook Live Call.




Unsere Einladung kommt mit einer Audio – Botschaft A Heartmessage.


„Jeanine, das ist super, aber ist das nicht etwas lang?“… so Micha, mein wundervoller Partner, aber ganz schlechte Frage:-).

“Wie zu lang? Ihr wollt doch immer content, content, content…hier geht es um Beziehungen & Liebe, wie soll frau DAS auf 0:30 Minuten bringen?“, konterte ich … „liebevoll“ natürlich.


Here it comes „von Herz zu Herz 12 Minuten made with Love“ …

… eine kleine Auszeit für die Moderne Liebe…..


Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Alles Liebe, Jeanine

Termin buchen :





Für junge Paare,  Frischverliebte, Paare, die schon einen langen Weg gemeinsam gegangen sind,  Patchwork-Paare, geschiedene, getrennte Singles

… für Frauen & Männer,  die sich allein & gemeinsam  ent-wickeln wollen


Kleine Auszeit für die moderne Liebe

…nur das Ego sieht, was fehlt. Die Liebe sieht, was Ganz ist.


Unsere Meditations-Abende sind eine Kombination aus geführten und nicht geführten Meditationen, Impulsen & kleinen Ritualen.  Jeder Abend beginnt mit einem thematischen Impuls und lädt unsere Gäste ein, kurz Inne zu halten und dem Herzen wieder mehr Raum zu geben.

Mit viel Humor & Weisheit sorgen wir für a good feeling spirit, spielerische Offenheit, Inspiration, Entspannung, ausatmen, und für gemeinsames SEIN.

Ein Abend, der einfach gut tut – allein und zu zweit!


TERMINE  2.04., 23.04., 7.5.,

UHRZEIT Sonntag, 18.00 bis 19.15 Uhr

LOCATION Kitchen2Soul, Schlörstr.4 in MUC-Neuhausen



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The interview on ‘The Power of Honesty’ is shown tomorrow

Yes!! ????
… I know I was very lucky… the handsome, soulful & charming man at the right ‘Steven Lange’ was my interviewer a few weeks ago and now a precious friend?

For my German speaking friends, as the interview is in German….

….the interview on ‘The Power of Honesty’ is shown tomorrow, starting at 5pm, 24 hours for free on You also find trailers, video clips and heartfelt moments within the FB mindheart community.

Initiated by Thomas & Katharina Nestelberger, a dedicated and wonderful couple, the MindHeart Business Congress is an online congress with 100 Speaker focusing on topics such as modern work & life style, conscious business, vocation and spirit in action… ‘because the Heart matters’.

We are all still work in progress…. simply put, let’s keep moving from fear to love, one step at a time …

The mindheart business congress is another chance to move beyond fear into love

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What if you get to know yourself so quickly and so accurately that it blows your mind?

The Enneagram, one of the oldest personality typing systems, goes beyond anything you knew about yourself. ‘Leadership & the Enneagram’, an interview for leaders and for those, who feel driven to lead themselves to a richer quality of life.

Robert Holden Ph.D



“I have introduced the enneagram into our leadership team together with Jeanine van Seenus. It is of an unknown power which brought us together, which makes us more fulfilled and happy beings, and which makes us better leaders. We are going through transformation and I can literally feel the energy shift in our company.
We deliver excellent results in a more effortless way, deeply inspiring and rewarding! “

Christel Reynaerts

Managing Director, Alphabet Belgium




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’21 Episodes from my Instagram of really bad photos, but true heartmessages’

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Who are the 21st Century Women?

Her power is experienced, as authentic and compassionate, as moving and encouraging, as gentle and determined, as inspiring and passionate as well as nurturing and all embracing.


Where her heart leads, she goes.

She is guided by her values & intuition and sees the bigger picture of her own, her family & business life.

Her motivation comes from the joy of life.

Her strength comes from an inner knowingness and faith in herself.

She accepts what is to accept and she changes what she feels to change.

Her warmth, vibrancy, integrity and intelligence break barriers.

In touching the heart of people, she gets right to the core of what really matters.

No one defines a role for her. She is on a conscious journey. Authentic power is her destination.

Females, who do not see themselves as limited in any way, will bring forward a new dimension of  , in which the feminine is balanced with the masculine power.


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Single women & men feel often confused, hurt or lost in the Internet seeking for THE right one to fall in love with.
Couples, who fell out of love, compensate with hobbies, particular men with excessive sports, affairs or intense work.
If they do not distract themselves through action, they fall into an almost paralyzing passiveness and feel bored – blocking each other from their own vitality or growth. They often feel torn in trying to hold it together for the sake of their children.

Partners, who have left the old form of traditional relationship, feel driven to explore modern relationships and seek for a deeper and more truthful quality of love, sexuality and communication.

While we are all seeking new forms of love & quality of intimacy, what we all know for sure, being in a relationship is not about happily ever after.

Love doesn’t just happen – unless you create the space for it.

It is about a growth process, in which love is the glue that brings forward a deeper meaning of being together and understanding of ones’ self and each other.

We inspire couples to step out of the box of old mindsets that no longer serve us for modern relationships and tap into a new matrix of knowledge, from which a new form of a conscious & loving relationship will emerge.

Our Webinars for Couples start in fall 2016.

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