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The interview on ‘The Power of Honesty’ is shown tomorrow

Yes!! ????
… I know I was very lucky… the handsome, soulful & charming man at the right ‘Steven Lange’ was my interviewer a few weeks ago and now a precious friend?

For my German speaking friends, as the interview is in German….

….the interview on ‘The Power of Honesty’ is shown tomorrow, starting at 5pm, 24 hours for free on You also find trailers, video clips and heartfelt moments within the FB mindheart community.

Initiated by Thomas & Katharina Nestelberger, a dedicated and wonderful couple, the MindHeart Business Congress is an online congress with 100 Speaker focusing on topics such as modern work & life style, conscious business, vocation and spirit in action… ‘because the Heart matters’.

We are all still work in progress…. simply put, let’s keep moving from fear to love, one step at a time …

The mindheart business congress is another chance to move beyond fear into love

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A headshot, perfect photographer, perfect make up artist, perfect light, perfect smile…’

…’perfect life’, My body is everything, but perfect.
20 years ago, as my media career was taking off, a serious accident robbed me from my on air & stage dreams. Since the bike accident, my body is in pain. Some days more & some days less.
20 years of pain.
The time, energy & money I have invested in finding cure, would cover the budget of a great house. A few months after the accident, I left to stay for 3 months in a Buddhist Centre, Lake District, England. ‘You are a miracle’, my doctors had told me before I left on my quest for healing…. I had fallen flat on my face, not much was left from what you see on that perfect photo. 4 weeks later my face was almost back to normal. It had just healed by itself, a miracle. They had done their job, not more they could do.
Grateful? I was in panic. I knew something big is happening, a start of a whole, new journey, far beyond of what I had planned for myself.
I was new to spirituality, Buddhism or clairvoyance. In pain…open to everything that would help me. ‘Don’t let the pain stop you from what you want to do’, the psychic said gently. I wanted to hear, ‘this will pass’ or ‘do this that will cure you’. But I did not hear, what I wanted to hear, I left devastated.
On my quest to heal and a few years later, I saw an acupuncturist in LA. THE Guru, I was told. I had waited 4 months to get an appointment, still in pain, my hopes were high. I sat in the waiting room, he came to invite me into his treatment room. Irritated because he was so good looking, I shared my story. He listened. Silence. Nothing. He looked at me as if he would look into my soul. ‘Life is a classroom, I really want you to understand this, Jeanine’….. What???, no needles, no promise, just this??? I left devastated, again.
A few years later, still in pain, I had a dream: ‘Go back to dancing’… ‘ridiculous’, I thought half asleep, 4am. I could barely walk… … to read the full story, please go to FB, Jeanine van Seenus❤️

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Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog.

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