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Getting older as Women

Thanks so much to a wonderful friend and make up artist, Saskia Kaiser, who taught me, how to use make up for stage, video clip production or daily life…..

By the way, I did everything wrong, the ‘no gos’ for a good make up, I jumped in all of them😳😃

I recommend a session to every women, who is not in her 20ies or 30ies anymore and to learn how to bring out the best of you …

… getting older as women …

… We do not need to hide or get surgery or pretend as if we do not care…. of course getting older is part of Life and in many ways not the easiest… let’s do not kid ourselves…

… yet we can do this with GRACE to express an inner and outer Beauty that still shines … the Form of our Bodies is changing, but not the quality of how strong and young we can shine … it is the shining spark that counts….the rest is a two hour session with a professional make up artist, who gives that shining quality – along with a good light in the background – a last touch of make up❤️

And here a close up …. you do not see that I had a make up session. It is supposed to bring out the Highlights in your face and sets back the parts, which are getting older in a gentle way🙏🏼

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Hello my Dear Ones,


wellcome to our first Meditation Circles for Couples & Singles, who wish to be in a Relationship again….


This is an invitation for my German speaking friends, who live in or close to Munich.

… and those, who are interested to join us, but are too far away, please drop us a short note and we will bring our circles into your home via Facebook Live Call.




Unsere Einladung kommt mit einer Audio – Botschaft A Heartmessage.


„Jeanine, das ist super, aber ist das nicht etwas lang?“… so Micha, mein wundervoller Partner, aber ganz schlechte Frage:-).

“Wie zu lang? Ihr wollt doch immer content, content, content…hier geht es um Beziehungen & Liebe, wie soll frau DAS auf 0:30 Minuten bringen?“, konterte ich … „liebevoll“ natürlich.


Here it comes „von Herz zu Herz 12 Minuten made with Love“ …

… eine kleine Auszeit für die Moderne Liebe…..


Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Alles Liebe, Jeanine

Termin buchen :





Für junge Paare,  Frischverliebte, Paare, die schon einen langen Weg gemeinsam gegangen sind,  Patchwork-Paare, geschiedene, getrennte Singles

… für Frauen & Männer,  die sich allein & gemeinsam  ent-wickeln wollen


Kleine Auszeit für die moderne Liebe

…nur das Ego sieht, was fehlt. Die Liebe sieht, was Ganz ist.


Unsere Meditations-Abende sind eine Kombination aus geführten und nicht geführten Meditationen, Impulsen & kleinen Ritualen.  Jeder Abend beginnt mit einem thematischen Impuls und lädt unsere Gäste ein, kurz Inne zu halten und dem Herzen wieder mehr Raum zu geben.

Mit viel Humor & Weisheit sorgen wir für a good feeling spirit, spielerische Offenheit, Inspiration, Entspannung, ausatmen, und für gemeinsames SEIN.

Ein Abend, der einfach gut tut – allein und zu zweit!


TERMINE  2.04., 23.04., 7.5.,

UHRZEIT Sonntag, 18.00 bis 19.15 Uhr

LOCATION Kitchen2Soul, Schlörstr.4 in MUC-Neuhausen



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A New Consciousness of Balance & Success / Do 19:30 · Kitchen2Soul · München

We are proud to present our first event in english! In celebration of the international women´s day, Jeanine van Seenus gives a funny, personal & surprisingly moving presentation made for women in english.

… yehhhh, please join our cozy evening coming Thursday for New Generation Women…
… an evening of kitchen table wisdom, fun & touching personal stories with messages from and for Your heart❤️

… by the way, I am excited and totally nervous??

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The interview on ‘The Power of Honesty’ is shown tomorrow

Yes!! ????
… I know I was very lucky… the handsome, soulful & charming man at the right ‘Steven Lange’ was my interviewer a few weeks ago and now a precious friend?

For my German speaking friends, as the interview is in German….

….the interview on ‘The Power of Honesty’ is shown tomorrow, starting at 5pm, 24 hours for free on You also find trailers, video clips and heartfelt moments within the FB mindheart community.

Initiated by Thomas & Katharina Nestelberger, a dedicated and wonderful couple, the MindHeart Business Congress is an online congress with 100 Speaker focusing on topics such as modern work & life style, conscious business, vocation and spirit in action… ‘because the Heart matters’.

We are all still work in progress…. simply put, let’s keep moving from fear to love, one step at a time …

The mindheart business congress is another chance to move beyond fear into love

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A headshot, perfect photographer, perfect make up artist, perfect light, perfect smile…’

…’perfect life’, My body is everything, but perfect.
20 years ago, as my media career was taking off, a serious accident robbed me from my on air & stage dreams. Since the bike accident, my body is in pain. Some days more & some days less.
20 years of pain.
The time, energy & money I have invested in finding cure, would cover the budget of a great house. A few months after the accident, I left to stay for 3 months in a Buddhist Centre, Lake District, England. ‘You are a miracle’, my doctors had told me before I left on my quest for healing…. I had fallen flat on my face, not much was left from what you see on that perfect photo. 4 weeks later my face was almost back to normal. It had just healed by itself, a miracle. They had done their job, not more they could do.
Grateful? I was in panic. I knew something big is happening, a start of a whole, new journey, far beyond of what I had planned for myself.
I was new to spirituality, Buddhism or clairvoyance. In pain…open to everything that would help me. ‘Don’t let the pain stop you from what you want to do’, the psychic said gently. I wanted to hear, ‘this will pass’ or ‘do this that will cure you’. But I did not hear, what I wanted to hear, I left devastated.
On my quest to heal and a few years later, I saw an acupuncturist in LA. THE Guru, I was told. I had waited 4 months to get an appointment, still in pain, my hopes were high. I sat in the waiting room, he came to invite me into his treatment room. Irritated because he was so good looking, I shared my story. He listened. Silence. Nothing. He looked at me as if he would look into my soul. ‘Life is a classroom, I really want you to understand this, Jeanine’….. What???, no needles, no promise, just this??? I left devastated, again.
A few years later, still in pain, I had a dream: ‘Go back to dancing’… ‘ridiculous’, I thought half asleep, 4am. I could barely walk… … to read the full story, please go to FB, Jeanine van Seenus❤️

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’21 Episodes from my Instagram of really bad photos, but true heartmessages’

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Who are the 21st Century Women?

Her power is experienced, as authentic and compassionate, as moving and encouraging, as gentle and determined, as inspiring and passionate as well as nurturing and all embracing.


Where her heart leads, she goes.

She is guided by her values & intuition and sees the bigger picture of her own, her family & business life.

Her motivation comes from the joy of life.

Her strength comes from an inner knowingness and faith in herself.

She accepts what is to accept and she changes what she feels to change.

Her warmth, vibrancy, integrity and intelligence break barriers.

In touching the heart of people, she gets right to the core of what really matters.

No one defines a role for her. She is on a conscious journey. Authentic power is her destination.

Females, who do not see themselves as limited in any way, will bring forward a new dimension of  , in which the feminine is balanced with the masculine power.


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A woman, who has found her spark, cannot but shine Beauty – this is a fact!

…to empower TeenGirls means to find with them their passion, to find something they love doing and still can do, when everything else seems to fall apart.

It can be a divorce of her parents, her boyfriend leaves her, her best girlfriend loses interest in her since she has met her new boyfriend, she looks in the mirror and feels not beautiful enough, maybe even secretly ashamed of her body or her looks and school simply sucks.

Even if it is just a phase and mostly it is a phase…those phases are part of Life.

As parents, teachers, mentors, friends, female pioneers and role models, it is important for them and for us, to show – by example – a pathway that sustains a young woman.

A hobby, a love for nature, sports, art, performing arts, dancing, singing, music, animals …because this is a foundation she can always come back to, in her worst fears, loneliness or when she is feeling off.

When I was 13 years old, our German teacher read a story to us. The story was about a girl named Tulla, with eyes way too big, her mouth was too big and she was everything but beautiful…since then the boys called me Tulla. Feeling ugly, being a disaster at school, I met a few months later a man, who would change my life. My future ice dance trainer. He did not see my shortcomings, he saw potential and talent. Within a few months I had a dance partner, private lessons before school and fell totally in love with ice dancing, training for competitions. It did not take long that the inner spark had an effect on my looks, my grades, my radiance and it did not take long before boys started to „hunt“ me.

I loved what I was doing and I loved who I became … I cannot remember that I stood in front of the mirror for hours, feeling bored, empty or alone…. I was passionate.

With a few detours, dancing until this day is still my passion…and there are times that I am so tired, I drag myself to the studio. Some days I feel so down, I do not even know how to lift my arm and some days it feels as if I lost my passion for dancing before I go training …but I ALWAYS feel good afterwards. Dancing was and still is my loyal best friend through my divorce, through professional back falls and even through physical, very difficult times…. it enriched my life beyond words.

Beauty is wonderful and one aspect of the whole.
As relevant as it is for others to market their products, as irrelevant it is for us in creating a GOOD FEELING LIFE. If Beauty loses connection to its soul, it then loses its shining spark.
Beauty without a spark feels empty inside and becomes quickly shallow outside. Unless we have not found the Spark inside that makes us feel alive, nothing else can sustain us for long – even not the gift of outer Beauty.


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Too Feminine or Super Macho?

A few weeks ago I spoke with the 16 year old Teenage son of a friend of mine. I was building the NGM Radio Hour and was motivated to understand, which topics would interest him: Legalization of drugs, violence caused mostly by men and misunderstanding between girls & boys.
At the same time my partner and I were creating the website of NGM trying to find modern masculine symbols or more conscious pictures of men…
…beyond the usual stereotypes.

It was hard to find something in-between; either men were shown as overly muscular, violent, super macho, a hero and on the other side they came over as “too feminine” with an esoteric touch.
Both sides went to extremes with more destructive rather than healthy messages, which were more often than not conflicting.
Messages that favoured dominance over empathy, physical strength over compassion, violence over kindness, sex over love.
Looking at the results of my quick research, I could almost feel rage crawling up my neck – at the same time a silent, but deep anger beyond the surface against men in general.


Only recently I was shocked reading a blog by a women, published on the Huffington Post, who stated that most women in reality want more dirty sex, less tenderness and more violence in bed.
Sending this blog to female friends and colleagues, a wave of indignation exploded.

Via voice memos, Facebook and email we started to talk openly about sex, pressure and the many arguments we had had with our partners around sex. Not that we did not like it, absolutely not, it was the pressure we felt that has caused frustration and pain.

I saw how these discussions had affected my relationship with my partner, manipulating him subtly to understand “how bad men were”. Although a woman wrote the article, men did not get a lot of credit.
Until one evening my partner when sharing all our discussions of the last days, he blurted out that he is done being treated like a sex monster. I could feel his pain. He was right. There was a subtle, not intended, but yet strong notion of saying between the lines, sex is bad, love is good.
Porn watched mostly by men is bad, romance movies watched mostly by women are good…what we were saying, we women are good, you guys are bad…

…no doubt there has been done a lot of damage to femininity in history, which needs awareness and healing on both sides.

From a Female Perspective is not a radio show about giving answers, we do not have yet.

It is about being learners on an adventure that leads to more understanding, moving forward, and letting go of old Gender roles that are no longer needed.


Informative      Light hearted      Humorous

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Dare Bravely to MOVE on

Get out of the Box  .  Get out of your way  .  Move into YOU


We live in a world of moving faster, wanting more, being quicker, getting better. It is never enough. The focus is on doing, achieving, managing, and competing…

Yet Life is always seeking Equilibrium!

We live in a culture that says we are never enough.
We feel pushed for more and run for goals that might not even be the ones that we really want.

If your professional life & goal setting, your relationship with your spouse, your intimate life, your relationship with yourself is not connected to an inner anchor (your heart, values, meaning, purpose, simply said your inner Life & guidance) the doing will never be enough and stays empty. Consequently we feel more and more out of balance, focusing too much on our outer life, numbing our feelings & inner life, caught in a box, a mindset of “not enough”.  At school women learned to use the power of their mind in the same way men do.

At The Modern School of Life women are inspired to additionally use their mostly dormant innate Feminine Power – an intuitive, subtle, gentle yet powerful intelligence of the Heart.

Learning to apply Feminine Power to achieve success of life means to receive intuitive guidance for the Bigger Picture of Your Life and to create between the lines a quality that makes Your Life meaningful and whole.


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