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Too Feminine or Super Macho?

A few weeks ago I spoke with the 16 year old Teenage son of a friend of mine. I was building the NGM Radio Hour and was motivated to understand, which topics would interest him: Legalization of drugs, violence caused mostly by men and misunderstanding between girls & boys.
At the same time my partner and I were creating the website of NGM trying to find modern masculine symbols or more conscious pictures of men…
…beyond the usual stereotypes.

It was hard to find something in-between; either men were shown as overly muscular, violent, super macho, a hero and on the other side they came over as “too feminine” with an esoteric touch.
Both sides went to extremes with more destructive rather than healthy messages, which were more often than not conflicting.
Messages that favoured dominance over empathy, physical strength over compassion, violence over kindness, sex over love.
Looking at the results of my quick research, I could almost feel rage crawling up my neck – at the same time a silent, but deep anger beyond the surface against men in general.


Only recently I was shocked reading a blog by a women, published on the Huffington Post, who stated that most women in reality want more dirty sex, less tenderness and more violence in bed.
Sending this blog to female friends and colleagues, a wave of indignation exploded.

Via voice memos, Facebook and email we started to talk openly about sex, pressure and the many arguments we had had with our partners around sex. Not that we did not like it, absolutely not, it was the pressure we felt that has caused frustration and pain.

I saw how these discussions had affected my relationship with my partner, manipulating him subtly to understand “how bad men were”. Although a woman wrote the article, men did not get a lot of credit.
Until one evening my partner when sharing all our discussions of the last days, he blurted out that he is done being treated like a sex monster. I could feel his pain. He was right. There was a subtle, not intended, but yet strong notion of saying between the lines, sex is bad, love is good.
Porn watched mostly by men is bad, romance movies watched mostly by women are good…what we were saying, we women are good, you guys are bad…

…no doubt there has been done a lot of damage to femininity in history, which needs awareness and healing on both sides.

From a Female Perspective is not a radio show about giving answers, we do not have yet.

It is about being learners on an adventure that leads to more understanding, moving forward, and letting go of old Gender roles that are no longer needed.


Informative      Light hearted      Humorous

What does it mean to be a modern, mature man?

Boysen Hodgson
Marketing & Communications Director
of the ManKind Project, USA



Dare Bravely to MOVE on

Get out of the Box  .  Get out of your way  .  Move into YOU


We live in a world of moving faster, wanting more, being quicker, getting better. It is never enough. The focus is on doing, achieving, managing, and competing…

Yet Life is always seeking Equilibrium!

We live in a culture that says we are never enough.
We feel pushed for more and run for goals that might not even be the ones that we really want.

If your professional life & goal setting, your relationship with your spouse, your intimate life, your relationship with yourself is not connected to an inner anchor (your heart, values, meaning, purpose, simply said your inner Life & guidance) the doing will never be enough and stays empty. Consequently we feel more and more out of balance, focusing too much on our outer life, numbing our feelings & inner life, caught in a box, a mindset of “not enough”.  At school women learned to use the power of their mind in the same way men do.

At The Modern School of Life women are inspired to additionally use their mostly dormant innate Feminine Power – an intuitive, subtle, gentle yet powerful intelligence of the Heart.

Learning to apply Feminine Power to achieve success of life means to receive intuitive guidance for the Bigger Picture of Your Life and to create between the lines a quality that makes Your Life meaningful and whole.



Single women & men feel often confused, hurt or lost in the Internet seeking for THE right one to fall in love with.
Couples, who fell out of love, compensate with hobbies, particular men with excessive sports, affairs or intense work.
If they do not distract themselves through action, they fall into an almost paralyzing passiveness and feel bored – blocking each other from their own vitality or growth. They often feel torn in trying to hold it together for the sake of their children.

Partners, who have left the old form of traditional relationship, feel driven to explore modern relationships and seek for a deeper and more truthful quality of love, sexuality and communication.

While we are all seeking new forms of love & quality of intimacy, what we all know for sure, being in a relationship is not about happily ever after.

Love doesn’t just happen – unless you create the space for it.

It is about a growth process, in which love is the glue that brings forward a deeper meaning of being together and understanding of ones’ self and each other.

We inspire couples to step out of the box of old mindsets that no longer serve us for modern relationships and tap into a new matrix of knowledge, from which a new form of a conscious & loving relationship will emerge.

Our Webinars for Couples start in fall 2016.

Not a BAD Thing



When it was hard to reach out to grown-ups,I would reach out to their kids & teens. The kids were a bridge to their heart and consequently a catalyst for their own growth & change in order to enjoy more quality of life for themselves and – as a whole- for their families and kids.
It is not an exception to hear a Teen sharing that she tries to stay away from home as much as possible. Subtle depression, victimhood, pressure, fights, pseudo harmony, overworked, stressed…the usual, issues of grown-ups. No matter how much parents pay or give their kids, Kids & Teens learn by example and always seek for role models.

What a girl remembers when she is grown, is not the latest fancy IPhone she died for, when she became 15 years old, but the good talks she had with her mom at the kitchen table and the times of laughter and joy they shared.

“As much as kids & teens are a centerpiece of life, parents give the most, when they care of their own heart center first and lead a life by example – less perfect, real & joyous.”

Hello world!

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